Only those who can adapt, survive.

Charles Robert Darwin

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The Ever-Evolving DNA of HEXEL Works

HEXEL Works refuses to make a clear vision
for the future—we believe it is important to be able to continue to evolve
and respond to our ever-changing world.

Ever since our founding, we’ve spurned customs or common practice,
and instead revised what we’re doing to adapt to modern trends, and even now we continue to change.

“Ever-Evolving DNA” is the company slogan that we pass along to each of our employees.

We make sure to keep an eye on how the tides of time change
and push ourselves to tackle new challenges.

We will continue to meet the needs of our clients,
as a business partner who continually goes above and beyond expectations.


HEXEL performs a wide variety of work
centered around construction
and installation
of electrical facilities and equipment.

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General Electrical Works


General Electrical Works

We provide highly skilled electrical works services for large-scale apartment buildings, offices, education and research facilities, medical and nursing facilities, and more.

Air Conditioning & Plumbing


Air Conditioning & Plumbing

In addition to installing air condition and plumbing systems strictly according to plan, we are also able to provide highly skilled air condition and plumbing system construction services capable of adapting on-the-fly to on-site modifications.

US Military Facility Installation


US Military Facility Installation

Since beginning work in earnest with the US military in 2003, we have worked on a number of on-base projects including housing, lodgings, and commercial buildings, and our work is well regarded and highly trusted.

Small Scale Construction


Small Scale Construction

By setting conditions and performing inspections that anticipate risks calculated from pre-project surveys and simulations, we are able to provide services ranging from building diagnostics to the formulation of preservation plans and performing renovation work.

Energy Plant Instrumentation


Energy Plant Instrumentation

We provide services such as electrical instrumentation renewal and repairs during periodical inspections for various types of power plants, and installation of electrical equipment for mega-scale freezer units capable of cooling entire buildings.

Raised Floor Installation


Raised Floor Installation

We are able to meet a variety of customer needs by offering raised floor installation services combined with electrical installation and wiring services.



Work with us and show us what you’ve got.

What’s it like to enter the workforce?

It’s not like being a student.

You may think all you need to do is put on a suit,
act passively and avoid confrontation.

That’s not going to fly at HEXEL Works.

We think your adult life is a culmination of all you’ve learned,
the hard times and fun you’ve experienced with your friends,
your financial responsibility, etc.

A basic tenet of HEXEL Works philosophy is putting your ideas
out there and making sure the good ones get put to use.

Forget the boring recruitment strategies; come work with us and show us what you’ve got.

We’re looking to hire the true individuals out there.

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